Sochi Airport

From the Duty Free stores of Sochi International Airport we´d like to introduce the Reserve & Collect service: one in which you will have the option to make your online purchases saving time and money, since you can reserve your favorite products through the website at tax free prices. That way, you can enjoy a wide variety of offers on top brand products, items that you will pick up and pay at the Pick up Points at the airport.

Duty Free has a Pick up Point inside the Sochi International Airport. Within the airport Duty Free stores, you will find the collection point for your Reserve & Collect items. Once you have confirmed your selection of products through the web, all you have to do is finalize the purchase by paying and collecting your tax free items in Sochi. Your products will be ready to be picked up two hours before your flight departure. That way, you will embark on your journey without lacking anything.

Finally, we remind you that if you forgot any product in your Reserve & Collect order, you will have the option to make additional purchases in our store at this busy Russian airport on the shores of the Dead Sea. Do not miss the opportunity to buy with the Reserve & Collect service of the Dufry Free stores in the Sochi airport and save time and money while purchasing superior quality items. Place your online order today!

Pickup Points (1)

The Store Sochi

Your goods will be ready for pick-up 2 hours before the departure of the flight.

You can also do additional shopping while in store.

Our store is located in the domestic departure area, in the Main Terminal, on the second floor of Sector A, immediately after passing through passport control. The pick-up point is located in the DP walk-through shop, in the checkout area.

Any questions? Find your answers in: How does the service work? and FAQs.